Opening August 25th at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood

Remember when your biggest concern was covertly passing notes in the back of class? How many tater tots the lunch lady gave you? How much glue to feed to the class hamster?

Five twenty-somethings just got sucker-punched by REAL LIFE and REAL PROBLEMS. The days of spitballs, hop-scotch, and playdough are over, swapped for awkward dates, religious conflict, and identity meltdowns. These suckers just enrolled in the toughest class of all... and nobody brought a pencil.

Featuring witty original comedy that will make you pee your pants, and heartfelt moments sure to give you goosebumps, SCHOOL FOR SUCKERS is a unique theatre experience. Written and produced by an up-and-coming company of USC Theatre Grads, the show is as raw and vulnerable as it is hilarious.

Join a crack-squad of shameful twenty-somethings as they reflect on awkward childhood memories, and look forward to the twists and turns of the road ahead...

The Skizzy

SCHOOL FOR SUCKERS, a 90-minute original play, opens August 25th at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood. The show runs for six weeks, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 PM, closing on September 30th.

General admission is $15. Tickets are selling quickly, so you're encouraged to reserve your tickets online, ahead of time. You can also reserve your tickets by phone at 323-960-7822.

The show is PG-13 in nature, including some profanity and adult themes. Parental discretion is advised.

An Original Piece of Shameful Theatre
The Lillian Theatre
1076 Lillian Way
Hollywood, CA 90038
Aug. 25th - Sept. 30th
Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 PM